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ISNS subscription rate options:

Like many specialized publications, ISNS has a two-tiered rate structure.

Organizations pay a higher rate than individuals. That is because an organization may have many people - employees and governing board members - with whom the publication will be shared. Under ISNS copyright policy, sharing by members of such a group (employees and board members) is encouraged.

Individuals subscribers pay a far lower subscription rate than organizations. But they are not allowed to share the ISNS newsletter. They are not allowed to forward it to friends or relatives unless they ask for - and receive - permission to do so. And even then, such sharing is a one-time thing; to do it again requires obtaining permission again.

So you must decide (and click on) the subscriber status that best fits you.

  1. If you represent an organization and you expect to benefit by sharing the newsletter routinely among employees and/or governing board members, then the organizational option is for you.
  2. If you are an individual who is interested in Illinois school policy, in the processes by which it is shaped and the role you could play in influencing school policy outcomes, then the individual option is the right fit for you.

Again, the differences are about price (organizations pay more for a subscription) and about permission to share the newsletter (organizations may share it internally - but individuals may never share it without permission).

I have paid a big price for making the individual rate available. In the early years, it was an organization-only product. Many individuals contacted me about the publication, but they were understandably discouraged by the subscription price. And yet they still were deeply concerned about school policy in Illinois.

So eventually I followed the lead of other specialty publications and established a reasonable individual rate. I knew there would be some organizations that would convert to that rate even though they continued to share ISNS internally. I just hoped individual subscriptions would make up for the revenue I lost to such cheaters.

That did not happen. Annual revenue still lags far behind that of the year prior to the individual rate's availability.

But I'm still pleased that I found a way to make ISNS available to individuals. It has boosted my morale to hear from so many people who care about public education, not because they are employed as educators but because they understand how important the public education system is in our democracy.

Why haven't I enforced my copyright?

Even though it is easy to do (both the sharer and the recipient are guilty; mere possession is prima facie evidence), I just can't bring myself to do it. If someone can look at himself in the mirror after stealing intellectual property from an old man, I'll just have to let it happen. I am a writer, not a policeman.

I just trust people to honor my copyright and take their benefits from ISNS appropriately. - Jim